Jeff Austin asked:

still getting hydro dialed in for first race of season.


Crazy Boats And Insane Goats asked:

According to the Coast Guard, hundreds of people are involved in boating accidents each year in the U.S. Most of these accidents do not involve fatalities or…

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Trent Ling asked:

Madison, Indiana (July 6, 2002). For Further Explanation Please See:

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kaner126 asked:

Brockville Ontario hydroplane racing on the St.Lawrence River July 1, 2012.

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Dilli Rao Narthu asked:

Two different boats crash during the same race. Tough day on the lake….

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Russ McElroy asked:

Chip Hanauer testing the remodeled Circus Circus at Tri-Cities, WA from April, 1989. Chip was nice enough to be interviewed by me & my friend Jody Moore. Vid…

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Maggot95370 asked:

Miss Circus Circus Maiden Voyage.


VertigoMynd asked:

Jimmy Shane taking his new ride out for it’s first qualifying run of 2014 at this years Madison Regatta.


kyle30542 asked:


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kaner126 asked:

Brockville, Ontario hydroplane racing on the St. Lawrence River July 1, 2012.

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